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February 2023

Electrical Solutions for Today ’ s Lifestyles

At , we understand that Residential projects are not a one - size - fits - all standard. Each one is, and should be, unique.

Whether you are undertaking a single home, multi - family, or an apartment complex, our comprehensive knowledge and exceptional quality products ensures the right residential solutions for your application.

Our brand, Lifestyles by , was formed to help integrate, and to identify the opportunities and solutions that we can bring to a Residential project.

At , we aspire to ‘ WOW ’ our customers everyday with superior service and powerful solutions. We invite you to experience for yourself the exceptional value and results that we will bring to your project. Check Out Our Online Lighting Catalog

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Electrical System

Today ’ s home needs an electrical system that it can count on to deliver comprehensive residential solutions that will keep the home efficient, productive and safe. Square D has been distributing electrical power to homes for over 100 years

The quality and dependability of the Square D residential product line leads the industry by providing unsurpassed protection and reliability advantages.

• Load Centers • Circuit Breakers • Ground Fault & Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters • Surge Protection • Meter Sockets • Wiser Energy Monitoring

Square D is the leading supplier of residential electrical equipment in North America.

Home Generators

A home is a busy place, and a commercial - grade KOHLER® automatic home generator keeps the rhythm going. A home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It ’ s installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically whether you ’ re home or away. All within seconds of a power outage. Clean, quiet, automatic backup power is just what a home needs to stay safe and comfortable.

Surge Protection

In today ’ s household, most electrical items contain sensitive electronics that can be damaged by electrical surges. These surges can come from within the home as well as from outside. Uncontrolled surges run the risk of overloading and destroying sensitive electronics over time. A true whole house surge protection network requires three types of surge protection devices to effectively protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.

at the panel

at the breakers

at the device

Smart Home Automation

A home automation system makes using technology in a home easier and more convenient by providing seamless control of your lighting, temperature, entertainment, security and window shades. Home automation transforms a home into a state - of - the - art intelligent residence.

Electrical Wiring Products

Residential electrical wiring products include switches and outlets. Although a necessity to every home, today's electrical wiring devices are a decorative accessory that can blend in with the wall or contrast with the trim bringing a unique décor aspect to the space. Using specialty - type wiring products such as under cabinet plug strips, combination USB devices and pop - up devices, will bring a custom solution to any room.

Under Cabinet Plug Strips with USB Chargers

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls adjust light levels and helps cut energy costs. They allow flexibility to design a lighting plan with multiple uses and decorative effects. With the touch of a button from a wall dimmer, a smartphone or a remote, today ’ s lighting controls help create the exact mood desired.

Music Distribution

Music Distribution will make a home an entertainment experience! Enjoy your favorite tunes inside & out, in one room or throughout the whole house.

Create a custom stereo system without the clutter of separate audio components to fit your musical lifestyle.

Lutron Pico Audio Control for Sonos Speakers

Security & Safety

The most advanced residential security and safety solutions are available today.

Smoke and CO alarms that are designed with smart intelligence brings safety to a new level of security. Safe & Sound Smoke/CO Combo alarms combine fire safety with a premium Bluetooth music speaker Smart away lighting control that randomly turn lights on and off while you are away.

SMART AWAY Looks like you ’ re home even when you ’ re not.

Home Ventilation

Home ventilation is the solution in making a home comfortable, healthy and sustainable. Proper ventilation improves indoor air quality by exhausting stale air to the outdoors and systematically introduces fresh air into the home. This prevents problems like mold and mildew, ruined insulation, and wood rot.

Electric Heating

The use of energy - efficient electric heating in a home can reduce the overall heating costs. Electric heat is clean - no flames, no fumes and it ’ s an easy, economical way to stay warm and comfortable. Avoid turning up the furnace and raising the temperature of the whole house. The use of electric heat provides the extra warmth right where it ’ s needed.

In - Ceiling Heating

Baseboard Heating

Garage Heating

Cove Heating

In - Wall Heating

Programmable Thermostats

In - Floor Heating

Home Energy Management

When it comes to energy management for a home, there are plenty of options. Today ’ s products are not just environmentally, economically, and energy conscious they are products that add ambiance, style, and convenience. Any residential project is ideal for installing energy management solutions. They save time , money and energy, and that is what Today's Living is all about!

Timers Programmable, Preset and Plug - in

Solar Panels

Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors Ceiling, Wall and Outdoor

LED Light Bulbs


Home Specialty Products

Home specialty products meet the needs of today ’ s lifestyles. They make life more convenient, easier and can even complement a home ’ s design. Remote control shades, electric fireplaces, range hoods, central vacuum and EV changing systems can help make a home a perfect living environment.

Indoor Decorative Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in the interior environment of a home. Decorative lighting fixtures add beauty and drama to a room. It can make a small room look open and airy, and a large room appear comfortable and inviting.

It can create a stimulating atmosphere for a night of entertaining, or a comfortable feeling of relaxation after a long day.


Downlighting can provide general, task and ambient lighting in a very subtle manner. They can be used anywhere in the home including outdoors, under eaves and on porches.

Combining downlights with a dimmer provides the ability to adjust lighting to the occasion.

Downlighting is the perfect lighting solution capable of addressing your precise lifestyle need.

Rail/Track Lighting

Rail/Track lighting is excellent for its flexibility. The individual fixtures can move, swivel, rotate and aim in any direction along the lighting scheme when needed. Rail/Track lighting can bring light to areas of a home where lighting was never possible before lending elegance, expandability, and functionality.

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting is the perfect choice to highlight glass cabinets or to brighten up countertops. They deliver directed light to a specific area – it puts light where and when needed. Cabinet lighting serves as an extra light source in areas that lack natural light.

Outdoor Decorative Lighting

Outdoor decorative lighting brings interior design principles to the exterior of a home with high quality finishes and styles. From the front of the home to the backyard deck and garden, outdoor decorative lighting brings beauty, enjoyment, and security to the outdoors.

Landscape Lighting

A beautiful landscape speaks a thousand words, but when accented with light it becomes breathtaking. A home ’ s beauty will never fade into darkness with landscape lighting. Creating a distinctive environment with landscape lighting will not only accent the landscape and a home ’ s exterior, but also the deck and pathways.

Ceiling Fans

What better way to complete the finishing touches to a room than with a ceiling fan. Today ’ s ceiling fans excel in beauty and style and are built to last. They are also a great source of energy - efficient climate control - no matter what the season. With so many fans and accessories to choose from, there ’ s a perfect fan combination to meet any room ’ s design.

Table/Floor Lighting

Table/Floor lamps are one of the easiest, most popular and cost - effective ways to enhance the lighting and décor of a home.

Table/Floor lamps bring functionality to a space with the flexibility to move the light whenever it ’ s desired. It adds personality and just the right touch of style.

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