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BE PROTECTED SECURE YOUR PROCESSES AGAINST EXTERNAL THREATS The Industrial Internet of things is giving rise to many new opportunities, as long as your processes are well protected. Modicon M580 ePAC enables you to secure your processes against external attacks thanks to encrypted communication, ensuring a high le v el of traceability with its easy configuration.

Modicon M580 PAC Controller Built in Ethernet and the highest level of Cyber Security

Schneider Electric Safety Products

TeSys D - Red Safety Protective Covers for D Type Contactors. Since D Type Contactors are rated as Safety Contactors Red Covers are available for purchase so they can be visually identified

Robe | Cable Pull E-Stops Switches

TM5CSLC Modicon Safety Logic Controller

BMEH586040S Redundant HSBY Processor Module M580 Safety SIL3 - Level 6

XPSMCMCP0802 Modicon Safety Controller with 8 inputs and 2 outputs

Maximize the Uptime and Life of your Electronics Climate Control helps create optimal conditions for the reliable operations of your electronics Industry-leading portfolio of proven products, pre- and post-sale support from 3E's climate control specialist O ver 2,000 UL-certified standard cooling, heating, and climate-control products On-site FREE thermal audit services

Air Conditioners

Vortex Coolers

Thermoelectric Coolers

TURCK Automation Solutions Turck offers efficient solutions for factory and process automation applications

Connectivity is an essential part of your automation solution that ties everything together. Turck's solution provides a solid foundation for your application with high standard for quality and a fast and flexible approach, allowing you to make the right connections.

Turck offers more than 5000 proximity Sensors based on inductive, capacitive, or magnetic principals of operations, along with ultrasonic, flow, linear and rotary position sensors to implement your made-to-measure solutions.



PFC200 Controller

Safe C ontrol Components A Sensor Alone Does Not Make A Safe Workplace

Engineer, Control and visualize your project even more easily and conveniently with the PFC200 Controller

This controller comes equipped with two ETHERNET interfaces and an integrated switch to enable line topology wiring. The integrated cellular modem provides a wireless connection to the Internet and includes a radio licensed for North American countries.

It is the efficient and reliable integration of safety sensors in the machine safety circuit that allow safety at work solutions to achieve the best-possible protection without interfering in the processes. Leuze safety relays, safety PLCs and AS-interface solutions open all possibilities to you here.

Safety and Reliability Safety and reliability has been the cornerstone of K ILLARK business for over a century. Killark offers a wide variety of explosion proof, hazardous and industrial location fittings for all of your electrical installation needs. They have the products you need to move power safely and efficiently with no worry.

Advanced Automation Through Automated Control Technology SMC manufactures pneumatic equipment and machine elements that play an essential role in the automation industry Directional control solenoid valves target the robotic arms and end of arm tools Wireless serial interface offers a full suite of diagnostics and programmable parameters to meet the most stringent requirements Recirculating chillers and temperature control equipment are installed to provide thermal stability in industrial applications

Solenoid Valves - 4 & 5 Port - JSY Series

Wireless Fieldbus System - EX600-W Series

Chillers and Temperature Control Equipment

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Solutions Designed for the future with the latest in Smart machine automation technologies - powerful machine learning and onboard analytics, intelligent design tools, powerful production information and diagnostics, and tightly integrated robotics.

The RV-8CRL robot is a high quality, low cost solution that offers a high level of versatility due to its slim and compact design.

The J4 Series of SERVO Amplifiers & Motors is not your average servo solution. They're packed with advanced features to reduce maintenance requirements, improve machine speed and performance, and increase product quality

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