2023 MayJune Featured Flyer

2023 MayJune Featured Flyer


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Purchase your Square D 'Small Project Jobs' and E arn a 3E Exclusive G ift C ard

• Small Project Job of $ 5 000+ earns you $100 • Small Project Job of $ 25 00+ earns you $50 • Small Project Job of $1 5 00+ earns you $25

No need to wait for your small project material. 3E has it on the shelf Ready-for-Pickup with the most competitive pricing available.

Combo Starters



Meter Centers

Safety Switches

To qualify as a Small Project job it must include one of the above categories and be purchased through stock during the promotional period of May 1-June 30, 2023 . The total dollars of the Square D products determine s the reward amount. Earned amounts are paid with a n 3E Exclusive merchandise gift card.

Merchandise gift cards will be sent within 60 days after the promotional period has expired. To earn reward you must have an existing business account with 3E in 'good standings'. This promotion and the merchandise gift cards are subject to availability while supplies last.

Future-Proof Wiring Solutions The rapid change in technology has made it difficult for architects, engineers, and contractors to design and build structures that meet both current and future requirements, especially when it comes to the electrical distribution system in both commercial and residential applications. Leviton's has the PERFECT future-proof wiring solutions Lev-Lok Modular - The PERFECT productivity solution for electrical construction and maintenance applications Making Connections Since 1894 Electrical contractors are critical to ILSCO's s uccess in this marketplace, therefore they continue to broaden and enhance their product offering with diversification and innovation. SureCrimp copper and aluminum compression connectors, NIMBUS pre-insulated connectors, PermaGround grounding connectors, and an extensive offering of specialty tool items , are just a few of the many solutions introduced to the ILSCO's product line over the years to accommodate the needs of an ever-changing C ommercial & I ndustrial landscape. efficiencies for electrical contractors and installers. Choose from a variety of 4-11/16" and 4" square boxes for a wide variety of applications. Integrated STAB-iT connectors for terminating MC cable reduce installation cost. Grand Slam boxes offer a clean solutions for home run circuits. Adjustable and hinge d mud rings makes it easier for wiring. ProReady solutions allow you to do more with less SKUs and less labor. ProReady Solutions Raco ProReady solutions are designed specifically to drive Decora Smart - The PERFECT Wi-Fi solution that can make every home a smart home Advertised Leviton products are not available at all 3E locations

Netatmo by Legrand c onsists of smart light switches, dimmers and outlets, optmized for whole-home use. Comfort - Turn on lights from wherever you go Safety - Schedule lights for your arrival, or dim T he Future of Power and Light Connectrac by Legrand is a floor-based power and data distribution system that allows users to quickly add connectivity or change power locations in a snap. Available with two installation options: Under carpet tiles On top of any flooring surface New Prefabrication Solutions nVent Caddy prefab solutions are made for electricians by electricians. Caddy now offers a range of cataloged, ready-made solutions to fit the unique needs of contractors looking to expedite installation while maintaining consistency. T he nVent Caddy proprietary open back box, Caddy's system is the only option on the market that allows electrical contractors the ability to pre-install devices without the need to drop or work through the mud ring . The Spartan Pole allows for a safe and easy access to pole mounted light fixtures through its ability to retract for service. Lowering the fixture to a serviceable level, rather that traveling up to the fixture, alleviates the need to rent or purchase the expensive fall arrest or lift systems required to comply with OSHA/HSE working height standards. Light ing Retrieval Solution In today's industrial market, replacing or retrofitting light fixtures can be a tasking and time-consuming exercise. The Spartan Pole Series by Killark is here to offer a solution. lights to safely navigate the house at night Convenience - Easy schedul ing of lights or appliances to go on/off automatically. Advertised L egrand products are not available at all 3E locations


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