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Our Commercial Lighting & Control sponsors have the most comprehensive line of products that will solve all of your lighting and control applications. Their innovative technology, high-level performance and quality is best-in-class.

Lighting Design Professional s The 3E Lighting Design Professional Team offers design services for commercial, industrial and large residential lighting projects. They help develop a plan that implements cost-effective lighting techniques and energy efficient products. Their commitment to each project is to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the application and the requirements necessary to make sure that the right lights and controls are utilized.

Albeo ABC High Bay Luminaire The Albeo ABC LED Series is an exceptionally compact fixture, optimized on value and performance. The ABC is designed for fast and easy installation to ensure a quality job.

Albeo ABC High Bay 9.2"x19.6"x3.3" 6lbs.

Designed to replace 175W-450W HID and four-to-eight-lamp T5/T8 fixtures

Lumen Range 10,000-24,000lm

Ratio Outdoor Luminaire Family Hubbell Outdoor Lighting's Ratio fam i ly is available in two sizes for area/site and five sizes for flood as well a s a variety of outputs allowing you to customize your lighting design to meet application requirements. Its attractiveness, quality and value makes it the perfect fit for your next area/site and flood lighting application.

Vive Wireless Lighting Control Wireless lighting control helps make both new and existing commercial buildings efficient , comfor t able and productive. Vive is easy to specify, install, and update--meaning you can meet the needs of your building faster, within budget, and in the future. Quick installation time up to 70% faster than wired control solutions, meaning shorter timelines and lower cost. Want More Light ? We've Got It! The X34 series by RAB is small but mighty... 5 sizes, 8 lumen packages and 2 finishes. The X34 series has a high-reflectance white reflector that maximizes output, and the tempered glass lens won't yellow. The very wide NEMA 7H x 7V beam spread is ideal for general purpose lighting. All models hav e an integrated visor that reduces observable glare.

Meet ENTRA! The Doorway Light ENTRA is an affordable, high-performance LED doorway light . Vandal- resistant polycarbonate housing makes ENTRA durable enough to stand up to tough environments. With up to 70W HPS equivalency and 89 lumens per watt, ENTRA saves 84% in energy consumption. Photocell option is available for more efficient operation and further energy savings. ADA Compliant. Maestro In-Wall Sensors Lutron uses XCT sensing technology a nd smart adaptive settings to provide reliable sensing and optimized dimming performance. The Maestro in-wall sensors are available in: Single and dual-circuit switches; neutral and no neutral required

Passive infrared. (PIR) and dual-technology sensing 0-10V dimmer for 0-10V florescent and LED fixtures LED+ dimmer for dimmable LEDs and CFLs

Architectural LED Emergency Lighting Dual Lit e's EV LED family i s a complete line of architectural emergency lighting that offers high output LEDs for greater spacing, which reduces the number of fixtures required and labor to install.








Disinfection Lighting for Occupied Spaces GE Current's 365DisInFx UV Technology h elps reduce exposure to surface bacteria and airborne viruses, including SARS-coV-2, the virus known to cause COVID-19.

Low Dosage LED UVC device for continuous disinfection in occupied spaces provides an additional measure in the inactivation of airborne viruses.

Air Disinfection

Compact size 5" diameter x 1.2" width

Efficient LED fixtures with 365DisInFx LED UVA technology for helping in the continuous inactivation of surface bacteria in occupied spaces

Surface Disinfection

LBU Recessed - 1x4, 2x2, 2x4

AVU Industrial 4' Strip

RVU Refit - 2x2, 2x4

LDU 6" Downlight

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