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Buy $750 of Square D or $750 of Atkore Power-Strut products through 3E stock and receive one of the following Carhartt Sweatshirts FREE.

Rain Defender Paxton Heavyweight Hooded

Rain Defender Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Zip Mock

Rain Defender Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Zip Front

The purchaser must buy $750 of Square D items on one invoice or $750 of accumulative Atkore Power-Strut products during the p romotional period to qualify . For every qualifying stock purchase during the promotional period a printed post card will be issued to the purchaser to order their F REE Carhartt sweatshirt . These post cards will be issued 30-45 days after the promotion al period ends. The p romotional period is from N ovember 1 to December 31, 2021 You must have an open Business Account in 'good standings' with 3E to qualify for this promotion. No limit on how many qualifying orders you can place. S weatshirt brand s and style s may vary from images shown and are subject to while supplies last. This promotion is not endorsed or sponsored by Carhartt .

Electric Heat Solutions Our 2021-2022 Electric Heat Book is now available to view online. We have the right electric heat product s for any application : p ortables, baseboard, wall and unit heaters, infrared heaters, freeze protection, snow melt & heat cables, ceiling and in-floor heaters. If you don't find your Electric Heat Solution for your application contact your local 3E location and they will assist you.

Hazardous Environment


Unit Heaters

Air Curtains

Radiant Heaters

Comfort Solutions for All Spaces No matter the application, Qmark has a robust portfolio of innovative, reliable, high performance comfort heating solution for all of your heating needs

Advanced Thermal Solutions Chromalox produces advanced thermal technology solutions that can meet any application need, not only applying and controlling heat where you need it, but also with durability and reliability. With Chromalox breadth of knowledge, experience, ability, and technical skill, they can provide and control heat virtually anywhere.

Industrial Energy CHROMALOX has the Right Mix of Products for Process Temperature Maintenace, Freeze Protection, and Winterization Needs Commercial

Extend Your Switcboard Warranty Add a Schneider Electric Service start-up to your new Switchboard project and receive a "Factory Warranty Extension of 36 Months"


* contact 3E for qualification on larger sizes

The Solution to Pouring Seals Killark's CELOX KQS Series is use d exclusively for sealing conduit to prevent th e spread of explosive gases and vapors . Class I, Div. 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C, D Class II, Div. 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G Class III

Saves Time

Easy Install

Saves Money

After the seal fitting is prepped, CELOX takes seconds to install. Unlike traditional methods, no messsy cement or water needed.

TEliminates waste as each tube is REUSABLE for up to one year - saving money and the environment.

There is no mixing, measuring, or stirring required. Simple to set up with time, labor, and money savings.

New Enhanced Formula now up to 75% faster Available in two sizes 50ml and 250ml Cures faster in colder temperatures 250ml fills over sixteen 1/2" seals Each cartridge comes with 4 static nozzles

Get a FREE BMP41 Printer Receive a FREE Brady BMP41 handheld printer when you buy ten label cartridges. The BMP41 is reliable for your most detailed work " and rugged enough to use everyday " , it's a must have for electrical and DataCom professionals. This printer can help you power through work faster too, with its programmed pre-set label options for wire marking, flagging and patch panel ID.

3E 11 /21

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