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Do You Need an Energy Strategy? 3E Energy Solutions Group along with their supplier partners can help you to create an action plan to manage the supply, procurement, cost and efficiency of energy across all areas of your business. A carefully planned and implemented energy strategy can offer a legitimate return on investment.

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Reduces Electricity Bills Diverse Applications Low Maintenance Cost Tax & Local Incentives Secure Investment Savings Start from Day One Learn How Easy Solar is to Install and Much More! Solar Energy is first and foremost an investment. Among all the benefits of solar, the most important thing is that solar energy is truly a renewable energy source. Advantages of Solar Energy • • • • • •

We Provide Solar Services to Maximize Your Energy Strategy


3E is Here to Help You • Supply Equipment and Material • Design and Payback Analysis • Construction and Permit Drawings • Interconnection Applications • Training and Installation Assistance • Commissioning Assistance

e xpand your business with solar

Agriculture & C ommercial

Your Bottom Line Benefits • Lower Operating Cost • Maximize Rebates and Tax Benefits

let solar s o lve your energy dilemmas

• Capture USDA Grants • Reduced Utility Costs • Improved Return on Investment • Hedge Utility Inflation • Clean Energy • Competitive Advantage

Agriculture Application

Commercial Application

R esidential H omes

• Lower Energy Bills • Property Tax Exempt • Higher Resale Value • Smart Investment • Energy Independence Benefits to the Homeowner

l ead a neighborhood in clean solar energy

What is a Microgrid? A microgrid is a self-contained electrical network that allows you to generate your own electricity on-site and use it when you need it most. A microgrid is thus a type of distributed energy resource. You can operate microgrids while connected to the utility grid or in disconnected "island" mode. When the grid goes down or electricity prices peak, microgrids respond.

There Are Three Main Benefits of Microgrids • Keep your facility's power on during grid outages • Store electricity and sell it back to the grid during peak demand • Integrate on-site renewable such as wind and solar

EcoStruxure Microgrid Operation

EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor

Galaxy VX

Energy Control Center

How Does Microgrids Work?

A microgrid co-located electricity generation and consumption. Unlike the utility grid, which generates electricity in a centralized power plant and then distributes it along hundreds of miles of transmission lines, a microgrid generates electricity on-site. For electricity generation, microgrids typically use some combination of back-up diesel generators and renewables such as solar panels. Microgrids can incorporate battery systems to store electricity and deploy it during outages or when grid demand spikes. Intelligent software controls can automatically switch the facility between the utility grid and the microgrid based on factors such as power reliability and cost efficiency.

Everything Works Together just as it should !

TOTAL SYSTEM INTEGRATION A power system is only as good as the parts that define it. That’s why we engineer every detail down to the last bolt. This isn’t your typical power system. It’s a KOHLER® industrial power system that’s loaded with designed and manufactured components from Kohler including generators, transfer switches, switchgear, controllers and more.

3E is an Authorized Sales & Service Kohler Distributor Offering comprehensive solutions for maintaining your power needs. We have complete lines of KOHLER® industrial, commercial, residential, tow-able and portable generators. Our certified technicians service and repair all brands of generators. We offer Preventive Maintenance Programs, Power System Consulting, Load Bank Testing and Fuel Polishing.

Generator Service & Repair

24 Hour Emergency Service

Industrial Power Systems

Commercial Generators

Residential Generators

Portable Generators

Mobile & Tow-able Generators

3E March/21

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